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◆ Shenyang Flyer Auto Parts Co., LTD. Is a subsidiary of Shanghai Flyer Auto parts Co., LTD., which is one of six subsidiaries of Shanghai Flyer Auto parts Co., LTD
One of the subsidiaries, the company began production in January 2012. Shenyang branch is mainly shenyang Yanfeng interior decoration system, Shenyang Yanfeng road extension seat, Shenyang Jixiang

Ceiling interior decoration, supporting the production of automotive interior parts.
The main production processes of the company include injection molding, welding assembly, cladding, sewing and flocking. The factory area is about 15000 square meters, there are 21 injection molding machines, welding assembly
There are 6 production lines, 5 covering production lines and 1 automatic flocking production line. The current annual production capacity can meet the delivery of 450,000 vehicles.

◆ Under the principle of "customer first" and "quality-oriented", Shenyang Feier Auto Parts Co., Ltd. strives to keep improving in quality, service, technology and cost
Improve and strive to be the customer's preferred supplier.

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